Goodnight Sweetheart

Goodnight Sweethearts are lampshades that are made from the clothing of an absent loved one, whether that is because they have passed away or because they are simply not present, eg working away, on deployment, or family that lives far away.  


These lampshades create a physical presence when one is not possible.   




The act of creating something is a powerful healing tool and therapeutic process. That's why our kits are really simple to use and come with clear illustrated step by step instructions, and of course, should you need, and I'm always on hand to offer support and advice.


Commissioned Service

With this service I combine my craft with your clothing. I will send you a prepaid postage bag for you to send me the item(s) of clothing we will use.

Upon receipt I will arrange a call with you, so that you can tell me all about the personality we are capturing and discuss any nuances that are to be accentuated, like a memorable stain, or rip.

During the next 2 weeks I will create your treasured keepsake and return it to you via a tracked postal service, with lots of padding to make sure it gets to you safe and sound.


Group Workshop

For those that would like to make your own, but feel that you need a little emotional or practical support we offer group workshops. Here you and others of similar sentiment can share your stories and be guided through the experience of transforming that beloved garment into a treasured keepsake.

Sadly not an option at this time due to Corona.