Bereavement Gifts

We've all been there...


Someone close to you looses someone close to them. 

You want to show that you're supportive and give them something other than flowers.  Something that is personal, fitting, sentimental, appropriate, that they can treasure forever, that will honor their loved ones memory, the list goes on. 

But the more you look, the more you doubt yourself and wonder, "aw will they actually like this or not??"

... so you end up getting flowers.

What if I could offer you an option that gives you that personal gift, but that has a safety net, just in case you judged it wrong? 

That's exactly what I am offering.

Below you will find a variety of personal bereavement gifts.  Some are kits, some are commissioned services that I offer.  All of them are a beautiful way to honor and treasure the memory of a loved one.  But which one will your friend appreciate the most?

My bereavement gift service allows you to give them the gift that YOU think is right, and gives them the gift THEY actually want ....just in case you are on slightly different pages.


Your friend will have the option to exchange your gift for anything else on my website.  They can also request flowers or to nominate a charity to have your money transferred to instead if they prefer.

So how exactly does this work?


You select the Flexi Gift below and during check out you will be asked:

  • To select the gift you wanted to give your friend (this will denote the value they will have)

  • For your friends details, ie their name and address

  • For a message to them

 I will send them a sympathy card containing your message and a gift certificate explaining to them the beautiful gift that you have selected for them, and the option that they now have to switch it to something else or redeem the gift you selected.  All they will need to do is head over to my website and purchase them using the unique code that is on their gift certificate.  To cover the cost of this card, postage and printing of the certificate $5 will be added to your total, alternatively you have the option to for me to email you the certificate so that you can print it yourself.  There is no additional cost for this.

If they don't use their code within 6 months I will send you an email to let you know.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this please feel free to drop me a line to discuss it.

Goodnight Sweetheart Lampshade
Goodnight Sweetheart Lampshade

Lampshades made from loved ones clothes

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Bespoke String Art
Bespoke String Art

We can turn any image in to string art. Do it at home or as a commissioned service.

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Memory Bears and Cusions

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