Our No drill bottle lamp kits are as easy as 1, 2, 3

Choose the bung

In the box you receive 2 bungs.  These fit the most common sizes of bottle.  To find out which fits your bottle best I suggest pushing them lightly on to your little fingers and dipping them into your bottle.  Best fit wins! 

Don't worry if your bung is a little loose, if you tighten the nut it will "squish" (yes technical term alert) the bung making it that little bit bigger and the fitting snugger.


I really struggled with this description as it feels like an exaggeration!

When I say "assembly", I do simply mean unscrew the one nut, push your chosen bung on, then screw the nut back on.

Plug it in

Now that your bottle lamp is "assembled" all that is left to do is pop it in to the top of your bottle and plug it in to the wall.  

Oh and of course screw in a light bulb!

Don't believe it can be that simple??  Watch this 6 year old!!

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