Environmentally Friendly





Ethically & Socially Responsible


Environmentally Friendly

We strive to ensure that the materials used during the process of manufacture and distribution are as environmentally friendly as possible.  You will not see any single use plastics in any of our products.  We only use recycled and certified compostable cardboard for our packaging and where ever possible we source as close to home as we can to reduce our carbon foot print.

We are't perfect, but we are trying to be aware and do our bit.


All of our kits are designed to be all that you need.  This means, if you don't live close to a shop or you find going out a bit of a struggle.  That's ok! We got you covered!

All of our kits come with indepth instructions in written, image and video form.

We try to cater for any ability level, from my kids to me. (I'll let you decide which end of the scale is which)  Hopefully even the most professional of crafters will enjoy using our kits.

Ethically and Socially Responsible

All of our suppliers are inspected and regularly audited to ensure ethical working practices.  We only work with companies that pay fair wages and take the health and safety of their staff seriously.  

Where ever possible we will source from local suppliers.

We reward our customers with money off and credits for promoting us rather than paying an off shore marketer to produce fake reviews.

Lastly, we donate $1 from every sale to charity.  We pay this money over quarterly and you all get to tell us where you want it to go via a poll request after purchase.

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