from a dream to reality...    

Have you ever seen a bottle, be it a wine bottle or liquor and simply admired its beauty?  

Ever felt guilty for throwing yet another bottle in to the recycling and wished you could reuse it some how? (even if its so that the neighbors don't hear yet another bottle clatter in to the bin) 

Have you ever seen the beautiful bottle lamps on Pinterest, Instagram, or in style magazines and thought WOW that's a great idea!  I should do that!!!  You pin the post to a board, and excitedly click on the link.  This link is surely going to be the magic gateway to a new you!  You are about to find your inner artist and create the thing of beauty that you can plaster all over Facebook and Instagram so that EVERYONE can marvel at your amazing creation!  The post is telling you, this is going to be easy!  A walk in the park!  But then you see the word that brings dread to your heart and ice to your veins.  Things you will need.  A GLASS drill bit.  Not just any drill need a glass one!!  You are fairly certain that you don't have one of those in the tool box and you're pretty sure you recall that these ones have a diamond tip!?!?  I'll be honest, the first thing that went through my mind was..."I wonder if cubic ziconia ones are available and a bit cheaper???"

This work of art that you completely believed you were about to create is now more likely to shower you in glass than compliments and the confetti cannon.

Or was that just me?

Light n Crafty in all honesty was founded for me as I really wanted that bottle lamp, but then I thought, there must be others out there who want a bottle lamp.  Others who want to make that bottle of Champagne they are buying for that wedding that little more special and unique.  Others who want to reuse and upcycle their glass but feel that it's all just a bit too advanced/scary or simply a pain to gather all the items on the "you will need" list!


I wanted to create an ethical and as best I could environmentally friendly company that simply makes craft more accessible and simpler.   My name is Cheryl, I'm a mum of two boys and have built this business with the love and support of them and my dear husband, and from the advice and guidance of my friends.  I hope you enjoy my products as much as I have enjoyed the journey of making them.

If you would like to read more about my journey here.