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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Hi my name is Cheryl. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I promise to try to keep it up to date, relevant and entertaining. So, who am I? Well, I'm 39, a mum of 2 fantastic boys who are 8&6 and growing up way to fast, but make me incredibly proud every day! I'm wife to an amazingly supportive, humble and hardworking man, whom, although I will poke fun at endlessly, I could not imagine my life with out him. And I am now entrepreneur extraordinaire!

As this is my first blog, I wanted to give you a bit of back ground, hopefully to help you understand why I get so excited over little things sometimes.

About a year ago I was...lets just say not in my normal happy place. I felt as if I was lost in a desert, not knowing which direction to go that would take me forward, opposed to backwards or sideways. I was frozen on the metaphorical spot in fear. Fear that I was going to go the wrong way. Those who know me would testify that that's just not like me! I always find a way, I always have a plan and I am always 100% sure that I'm right (even when I'm completely and utterly wrong!) And I'm never scared to make a mistake. Mistakes are how we learn after all!

So, my husband turned to me one day whilst we were in the kitchen, opened the cupboard door (and then left it open!...another story) and grunted to me "Why have we got all these empty bottles in the cupboard?! They are taking up space!" I was a little bemused what the space part had to do with anything because they were on a shelf neither of us can reach so wouldn't use anyway. But, I thought now is not the time to start that little conversation, so I answered him straight. "I'm saving them, because I want to upcycle them and turn them in to lamps" More grumbling under the breath took place and I thought, right, I shall stop what I am doing and resolve this straight away! (after closing the cupboard door of course).

With my phone in hand I revisited the board on Pinterest where I had saved all those lovely bottle lamp images that have DIY instructions so helpfully attached. Nope, nope, nope. YES! After a million posts that require me not only to have a drill and a work bench to clamp the bottle in, it wants me to waste a perfectly good diamond on a drill bit!?!? I don't own a drill, I do have a work bench, and, due to the lack of drill the lack of drill bit was a safe assumption. Then I saw it! A no drill bottle lamp kit! Yes I can do that! With credit card in hand I click the link to take me to the store to buy said bottle kit, annnnd it's in America. All of them, were in America! Ok I thought, undeterred from my quest to resolve the kitchen cupboard space issue, I decided I could buy the parts separately and make it my self! Off to Bunnings I went! Bunnings has everything! With out a shadow of a doubt I will easily find a plug, wire and a lamp

holder in there?!?!? No. So I went to the lighting store....and no. I got my phone out and searched and searched! But I could not find the kits anywhere in Australia! I'm sure they are out there somewhere....but could I find them? No.

That's when I had the idea for Light n Crafty. I figured there must be more people like me that would love to be more artistic and crafty? The kind of person who has a million saved pins of great ideas and lovely things that they want to do but simply never get around to for one reason or another? People that drink that much wine they don't want to hear the recycling bin sing to them again so is motivated to upcycle and reuse their empty bottles? (This is also me) So if there are other people like me in the world, why not help them out and bring the solution to market. I ran the idea past a couple of my girl friends and they all thought it was a great idea.

Project managing Cheryl quickly got her little note pad out and jotted a million and one ideas down. I researched the electrical standards, trade mark and IP law, how to design a logo, how to build a website, packaging standards, etc etc I desperately searched for an Australian manufacture of lamp holders, but sadly I could not find a single one. I even got in touch with the government to ask if they knew of any, but again, no. (FYI if you are one, please get in touch!) So with the lack of manufacturing at home I had to look overseas. Which of course brought more reading around importing, tax, duty and even more legal standards.

Life happened, so whilst juggling my normal day to day job, plus my motherly, wifely, house holdly duties, I very slowly started to build my business and today, almost exactly 1 year since my husband commented about the bottles taking over 1 shelf of a kitchen cupboard, I have launched my website, my first order of stock arrives in 4 days, my workshops /craft classes are booked, itinerary planned and ready to go, and with a million more ideas and products to be added through the coming months.

Oh and incase you wondered my bottles are now taking over an entire closet! Friends have been saving theirs for me too! That'll teach him to pass comment...

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