Tis the season to be jolly

...but WOW what a season it has been!!

So, when I last spoke to you I'd just launched my website and was due to receive my stock. It actually arrived 3 days early, good on ya UPS! It was like Christmas had come early. I'm not ashamed to admit it, the door bell went and I sent Hubby to answer it. I was busy working so was he to be fair, but hey ho, as my good friend in Rochester New York says "Happy wife...happy life!" I heard the delivery driver say my name and mentally I checked off all my online purchases to figure out which one it could be. Before you judge...Christmas was coming so they weren't ALL for me...

"Your stocks here" Hubs shouts to me literally from the other side of the house. Now, I excite easily at the best of times, but pumped up on Christmas chocs and candy, I quite literally bounced through the house clapping and doing a little happy dance any Elf would be proud of! There they were. Four boxes containing literally my dreams coming true. Each box contained a different colour (which made things SO much easier). But I wasn't ready! You see, when I visited my supplier (a story I'll tell you another time) they were struggling to find the kind of bung I truly wanted. So, I sourced them elsewhere and planned to add them to the boxes myself. It was the boxes that were my problem. You see, so far in this journey I have literally done everything myself. Designed my own logo, built my own website, taken my own product pictures etc etc, so I wanted to design the packaging too, but with time of the essence if i was going to get product here before Christmas I needed to agree to a standard brown (recycled of course!) cardboard box. After all I could always add something to it once it arrived. But it had arrived....and I did not know what that something was going to be! So I left the boxes, unopened by the door. Crazy I know, going from a Gummy bear on Gummy Berry Juice to a cool nonchalant art critic (don't why those images came to mind but it's pretty accurate none the less).

The next 24hrs I'd say I spent day dreaming and paying extra attention to product labels around me until I had an idea of what to try. Popping down to Office Works and Lincraft I grabbed a few supplies I needed and headed back to dress my boxes! My two boys (aged 6 and 8) helped me in my little production line and in just a few hours all of my stock was decanted and in my stock shelving I made from some really cool bread trays.

That afternoon whilst tea was in the oven I took some pictures of my products, using my trusty S8 phone, back in my office on a sheet of white paper on a box with the white cupboard as background. The intention was to photo shop the background out, but the most wonderful thing happened!! The sun was on it's way down and was shining through the tree behind our house and it cast the most incredible light show on my little "stage". I've never seen it do it before, and I've not seen it since! Fate, destiny, someone watching over me or just down and out lucky! Call it what you will, but goodness I felt lucky! With just a few tweaks on my hone I had the most beautiful set of images I could have hoped for!

The next day I added a few posts to Facebook and sold my first item the same day!!

My FB page is getting likes, my images are getting shared, I figured out how to use Instagram, I did my first market (AND got sales yay! ), I got my first sale from Ebay, I got my first sale from Etsy. I'm in discussions with a FABULOUS drinks company about a really exciting project in 2020.

Oh and we had a wonderful Christmas and I emptied lots more add to my collection in the kitchen cupboard of course! LOL

Thank you for your time reading this and your continued support, I just love the messages I'm getting from you guys!

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